About Us

At Glabella Aromas, we understand how important scent is to the formation of memories. We create fragrances that help people share their own special likes, along with their favourite scents, in order to bring back wonderful memories and experiences. Through the use of natural ingredients and proprietary formulas, our team has worked hard to create beautiful aromas that allow customers to connect with their most treasured moments from the past. In an effort to deliver the highest quality home fragrance products possible, Glabella Aromas put a unique spin on research and development: enlisting the help of the family! Together, we looked into the regulations and safety concerns of our supplies. We ordered samples and tested waxes and oils. We tracked the strength and duration of our fragrances, and turned our home kitchen into a laboratory. Glabella Aromas Edinburgh is a homegrown business that is deeply rooted in their local community of Scotland. We are proud to have sourced all our supplies from a local large candle producer/supplier and all the packaging has been designed by us! Our commitment to sustainability is apparent as every product is packaged using recyclable materials. Our glass for room sprays and diffusers are decorated by hand, and we have designed and produced our own moulds for wax melts - every product made with love, in Edinburgh! Caroline x